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SEO, SEM, Google Ad Words, Google My Business.

These are all marketing terms that you may have heard of but don’t understand. Without understanding the differences, or the impact, your marketing strategy may suffer, so it’s important that you have a basic knowledge of the differences at the very least.

SEO Consultant James, can offer SEO training. His training will help you understand what search engine algorithms are and how they can affect your Google search ranking. This knowledge will then help you create an effective SEO strategy, which involves keyword search and how to select the best keywords based on consumer psychology and search habits. It will also help you conduct your own on-page SEO analysis to identify strong points and any areas of weakness that need improvement.

Keyword search is the words that you choose to add to your keyword list. Basically they are the words that people who are searching for your product typically use. Sometimes there will be dozens, if not hundreds of keywords. Each keyword is chosen carefully to give you maximum exposure. You can use these keywords when creating your on-page SEO content and that way you will be more easily found. We can teach you how to search for keywords. We can also teach you what keywords you should exclude. Each keyword is carefully selected based on the maximum possible return.

Your on-page SEO content isn’t where your SEO strategy should end. You also need to think about other ways to improve your SEO. One way to improve your Google ranking is with back-links. There are two ways that linking works. You can link to other websites which will improve your linking and you can also try to get your website linked to from other websites. We will teach you the best back-linking methods. It’s worth bearing in mind that some websites are not credible, which could undo all the good work that you are trying to do.

Knowing the search behaviour of your potential customers is important because then you can write your website content based on that search behaviour. If you don’t know the behaviour of your customers then you’re effectively trying to market your product or service blind and that could affect your conversion rate. We will teach you about consumer behaviour to look out for so you can improve your strategy and subsequently generate more business.

Every business will market itself differently. Every business also has its own SEO strategy. With that in mind, we also offer SEO training that is specifically targeted towards your business. We do not operate on a one-size-fits-all approach. We take our time to understand your business, which includes finding out what your goals are and what you are struggling with. We will coach you through the SEO process so that you come out better and stronger. Better and stronger means that you have clear measuring points and can measure your success.

If you have new staff that join the business we can also offer SEO training to them so that everyone in the business has a good understanding of how SEO works and the importance of it.

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