Local SEO Consultant

Local SEO Consultant

Do you want to appear on page one of Google or Bing’s search results? Have you tried overseas SEO consultants in the past without much success? If so, you should consider a local SEO consultant. A local SEO consultant is a better option because they understand the local market and they also have local knowledge of who your competitors are.

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Sure, an overseas SEO consultant can search for that information on the internet, however, even if they do there are likely to be gaps in their knowledge because they aren’t on the ground. It’s like when you read the international news. You can get an idea of what’s happening around the world, but you don’t have the full picture like you would if you were local. It’s exactly the same with SEO.

A local SEO consultant also has local contacts and can specifically target the best areas for your product, for example, someone outside of Melbourne might think that Brunswick is close to the Dandenong Ranges, when in reality they’re just under 50 kilometres away from eachother. If you want to appeal to local customers you’re best to target customers that are close to you. A local SEO consultant has this knowledge and can target your strategy based on knowledge that you can’t find on the internet. They also know that not everyone has a physical shop presence and not everyone has a website, so they can think about competitors that an overseas SEO consultant may not think about.

The other advantage to hiring a local SEO consultant is that we can capitalise on our local knowledge. When you’re ranking highly we can help you with other aspects of your marketing strategy which will in turn help create a buzz around your business. This will attract more customers through word of mouth and local knowledge.

Local SEO Consultant
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