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Ultimately, the goal of having an SEO consultant working on your website is to ensure that your website is optimised for the best Google ranking. Without a good Google ranking, you could be missing out on opportunities to build your customer base and grow your business. If you have a business website but it’s not working for you then you may need to hire an SEO consultant.

SEO Consultant James Gatward has been in the search engine optimisation field for a number of years, with clients all over Australia. Getting your website ranking highly is extremely important, so we’ve made a list of the things you should look for in an SEO consultant.

First of all, you need an SEO consultant who has years of experience behind them. This is because anyone can say that they’re an expert, but that’s different from actually being an expert. Someone with years of experience knows what they’re doing and they know exactly what works. They know what doesn’t work, and they can use their knowledge to improve your website’s search ranking. Someone without experience may only have a couple of options up their sleeve and they might try the same things on all the websites that they work on, which will have little, if any effect.

Did you know that there’s three SEO levels? Most people wouldn’t, but an SEO consultant who has been in the industry for several years does.

The three levels are:

    1. Technical, which is the structure of the website and how difficult or easy it is for search engines like Google and Bing to crawl your website and index the content.
    2. On-page optimisation, which is the use of keywords and HTML tags on your website, which will help increase traffic to your website.
    3. Off page optimisation. This is most commonly referred to as back-linking. Basically, a one size fits all approach doesn’t work because every website is different, with different content and different customers. It’s also important that you have an SEO consultant who has a technical understanding of what search engines look for when indexing websites.
SEO Consultant
SEO Consultant James

Why SEO Consultant James?

We have a proven track record because we work with copywriters to help with your web content. Our copywriters are skilled in writing specifically for SEO purposes. They have skills and expertise in using keywords in a way that sounds natural, without appearing as though it’s for SEO purposes. That means anyone visiting your website will be drawn to the content and more likely to engage with your business. Any content they write will always have a call to action, to encourage the reader to contact you to enquire about your service. A good website is structured so that it is easy to make an enquiry.

As an expert SEO consultant, we understand search marketing at its core.

SEO Consultant James

How do we help you be found on Google?

SEO Consultant James uses the latest industry standard white hat SEO strategies to rank your website organically.

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