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To maximise your SEO effectiveness, you need to use the right keywords. Keywords are the words that people search on Google. If you’re running a butchery it may seem counterintuitive to run the word “barbeque” but it could actually be relevant if your audience is searching for “barbecue meat”. You see, it’s one thing to rely on assumptions when thinking about keywords but it’s another to know what your audience is actually searching for. Knowing their actual search habits means that you can more effectively target the keywords. Instead of only running a narrow selection of keywords, expanding to related areas may give you greater exposure in reaching your audience.

Choosing the right keywords can help you create content that will take your business exposure to the next level. This means you will attract the right audience, and a bigger audience. Choosing the right keywords is vital for achieving your business goals.

SEO Consultant James has been in the SEO industry for around 10 years and it is second nature for the business. Whilst we use industry tools to help you decide on the keywords to target, we also partner with your business.

When you first contact us we will get to know your business. This means that we will ask you questions about what product you offer, who your intended audience is, what you want to achieve and who your competitors are. By knowing this information we can develop a keyword strategy that will give potential for an excellent return.

We will review your competitors. By understanding your competitors we can let you know what they are doing and then target our strategy around that. We can be both proactive and responsive to their activities. We may also target similar keywords to increase your ranking. This assists us when we write the content for your website as well. We will include relevant keywords on every single page, while ensuring that each page has unique content so that it can be found by the search engines. There’s no point in using the same, or similar content across all of your pages, because if you do that, your content won’t be found. SEO Consultant James knows that using similar content across every page will actually lead to a lower search ranking.

We offer keyword search services so that you can tailor your marketing strategy based on knowing all the facts. Our goal is to develop an integrated SEO strategy consisting of the right keywords for both on and off page SEO.

After we have created a list of keywords we will show you the list so you can decide which keywords you want to include and which ones you want to omit. While we will always provide our recommendations, the final choice lies with you. We will then assess how the keywords are going, and if necessary we will remove or add new keywords.

The bottom line is that we offer keyword search services to help your business move forward and gain new customers. We are a local Melbourne company, so if you prefer to have face to face communications we can meet with you in person. Alternatively, we also offer phone or video keyword search service consultations.

If you would like to know more about how we can help, give us a call on 0449736023 or email or click the button below.


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