We don’t own Google! It would be wrong for us or anyone in the SEO industry to be guaranteeing results. What we can guarantee is that we will apply all the elements we know that Google favours in order to win ranking positions. We have developed our own unique white hat style and strategy, we have found this to work well and be a success in getting websites ranked in Google organically.

Good things take time! The saying is true. We would like to think by 3-6 months you see some form of change or improvement but again we can’t guarantee this. We normally reccomend 12+ months, this also means we have 12+ months of data to work from and improve on.

An important question. We have made this very very simple for our clients, we have two payments/investmets reuired, a one off and a monthly. We have a straightforward no frills one off initial fee which allows us to do the necessary keyword research, find new oppurtunities, determine any new pages you may need, determine any content, do the on page items, setup Google Analytics, setup Google Search Console and develop a link building startegy for your website.

Our flat monthly fee then allows us to do reporting and monthly/bi monthly tweaks to the website. SEO is NOT set and forget and requires constant monitoring and tweaking.

We use a direct debit system which makes things super easy and you dont have to think about anything other than your website ranking results.

Yes, we can and we will advise you accordingly as to what you may/will need once we have found the keywords and oppurtunities and determined a startegy. Content is important and we have an SEO content writer who knows how to write organic SEO content that ranks in Google.

Most likely yes, however these will be pages and menu layout changes. Once we have found the keywords and oppurtunities we wish to rank for, these will then be crafted into pages and menu items that we can then tune accordingly. The magic is in the method.

We backup every single website we work on before starting any work.

Yes, otherwise we dont wish to work with you. Sorry to be upfront but its really important to adopt and incorporate any changes we suggest. We dont just do things for the sake of doing them, SEO doesnt work like that, we devise a carefully thoughtout strategy that will only work if we apply the suggestions we reccomend.

Its quite simple, WordPress is hands down the best and most SEO friendly CMS on the internet. More WP sites are ranked organically than anyother platform online.